Mogočna bogova | Mighty gods

Hera (SI*AllHappyCoon Bliss)

Hera (SI*AllHappyCoon Bliss)

Bratec in sestrica, Ares (SI*AllHappyCoon Bonjour) in Hera (SI*AllHappyCoon Bliss) iz našega poletnega legla nam pošiljata prisrčne pozdrave z njunega doma! Zelo sta že zrasla in sta prav krepka mačkona. Ares s svojo ponosno držo in Hera z nežnejšo, a seveda dostojanstveno. Pravita, da se imata super in da uživata.

Brother and sister, Ares (SI*AllHappyCoon Bonjour) and Hera (SI*AllHappyCoon Bliss) of our summer litter are sending us greetings from their home. They are growing every day and they are pretty strong cats. Ares, with his proud posture and Hera with her  a little bit softer expression but still dignified, of course. They say they are spending great time and enjoying themselves. 🙂

Ares (SI*AllHappyCoon Bonjour)

Ares (SI*AllHappyCoon Bonjour)

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